Capital Punishment Foes Have Blood on Their Hands

Virginia will ban capital punishment. An act praised by USA Today and other Leftwing media – because “journalists” believe anti-capital punishment propaganda that claims the death penalty is cruel and, of course, racist.

So too does Biden’s choice for Attorney General, who were it not for Sen. McConnell, would be on the Supreme Court today where his Leftwing orthodoxy would severely damage American society, in general, and the criminal justice system in particular. When questioned about capital punishment during his confirmation hearing, Merrick Garland, Leftist ideologue that he is, said, “I am very concerned about the large number of exonerations that have occurred through DNA evidence and otherwise, not only in death penalty convictions but also in other convictions. I think a terrible thing occurs when somebody is convicted for a crime they did not commit and the most terrible thing happens when someone is executed for a crime they did not commit.”

It is safe to say that Garland and people like Garland are not the only people who think it is terrible for someone who has been convicted of a crime they did not commit and would think it very terrible for someone to be executed for a crime they did not commit. Any sentient human being feels this way. Garland is not unique. His statement belies his sanctimony in that he believes what others think is callous.

But the problem in Garland’s statement is proving an innocent person or persons have been executed. Those exonerations of which Garland speaks are dubious in many cases. They were driven more by legal technicalities than innocence and the reluctance of prosecutors to retry a case. The fact is there has never been a proven case of an innocent person being executed.

But do you know what has been proven? Innocent people being killed by convicted murderers who were not executed but should have been. 

Ironically, the day Garland lamented about capital punishment a prison guard in Indiana was murdered by a triple murderer serving a 130 year sentence. This murderer who should have been executed was allowed to kill again. He stabbed to death a corrections officer and nearly killed another. The wounded prison guards were transported to a hospital in Michigan City, where one was pronounced dead and the other is listed in serious condition.

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Where is Merrick Garland’s compassion for these innocent men? It probably does not exist. Like many self-righteous death penalty opponents, the murders of prison guards, police officers, and ordinary citizens by those convicted or paroled or put on probation by the Merrick Garlands of America are considered an acceptable sacrifice. This way their morality is satisfied. Their conscience is eased. These deaths do not result in marches, political theater, or even much publicity. No, these people are quickly forgotten. Note well that the names of the prison guards were not even mentioned in the news report. 

We all know how much publicity executed murderers receive. We all know how much media gnashing of teeth and ringing of hands occur when a white police officer shoots a black person. We all know the hyperventilation that results from a prison guard being accused of prisoner abuse. 

But you will find very little news media histrionics about prison guards being murdered by a criminal who should have been executed. There is no Innocence Project to advocate for dead prison guards. There are no statements from the ACLU or Amnesty International about prison guards being murdered. Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Joy Reid, or Nicole Wallace will not slam the table or yell at the camera with righteous anger at this injustice. Nor will they make sarcastic comments about the racial inequities in these killings whatever they may be.

It is a disgrace that America’s leadership class and soi-disant elites are so gullible, so ignorant, so biased, so bigoted, and so stupid that they are blind to the truth about the criminal justice system. What is even worse is their condescension to those who see the truth. 

Someone needs to remind Merrick Garland and the Virginia lawmakers that when the government does not resolutely subdue criminal behavior, or even worse, capitulates to it, the average citizen pays the price for their negligence. It is the average person who becomes a victim because of government leniency.

To paraphrase an old aphorism, Mercy to the cruel, is cruelty to the innocent. Garland and Virginia need to be reminded of this too.

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