PAP (Prosecutors Against Police)

The past several years have seen a trend of Leftwing lawyer-politicians elected to the offices of state Attorney General and District Attorney. These candidates bring to office an intrinsic hostility towards police and a similarly intrinsic sympathy towards criminals.

The most recent manifestation of this inherent hostility towards police is New York State Attorney General (AG), Letitia James. James made incendiary comments about the refusal of a New York Grand Jury, which she empaneled, to investigate the Arrest-Related-Death of one Daniel Prude at the hands of Rochester, NY police officers. James’ comments indicate that far from championing justice, in this case she had already determined the officers’ guilt and wanted them in prison.

She said after the Grand Jury’s refusal, according to a NY Post story, “I made a commitment to the Prude Family and the Rochester community, I would do everything in my power to ensure justice was served in the death of Daniel Prude. My office presented an extensive case and we saw a different outcome than the one the grand jury handed us today. The criminal justice system has frustrated efforts to hold law enforcement officers accountable.” 

This does not sound like a fair and impartial prosecutor. 

The media Leftwing disinformation campaign was just as bad. The Leftist mainstream media essentially accused the police officers of murder. Echoing the same lies they perpetrated in the Arrest-Related-Deaths that occurred in Ferguson MO and Kenosha WI they portrayed Prude as this innocent person brutally assaulted by police.

The fact of the matter was that Prude, much like George Floyd, was under the influence of a deadly controlled substance when he was parading naked in the street. He screamed he was going to kill everybody in a nearby house. He was also bragging about the size of his male organ – using a vulgar term to describe it. His death was ruled a homicide simply because the police tried to restrain him while waiting for an ambulance – also very similar to the George Floyd case.

But blaming the Arrest-Related-Death of Daniel Prude (or for that matter George Floyd) on drug addiction does not advance the cause of the media looking for an audience; it does not help “civil rights” groups obtain donations; it does not help politicians get votes. As I pointed out in my 2006 novel A Sense of Duty, the exploitation, by certain sectors of society, of interracial use of force issues by law enforcement for pecuniary gain is one of the greatest injustices in modern America.

And exploitation it is. Do not be fooled otherwise. It is aided by ideologues like Letitia James. A cursory review of James’ background explains why.

AG Letitia James is a 62-year-old, woman of color and, it is fair to say, a woman of the Left. She is a Democrat, who is or was affiliated with the Working Families Party. This party has been described by some as “progressive” or even “quasi-Marxist”. She received her B.A. from the City University of New York’s Lehman College and a J.D. from Howard University School of Law. She also received an M.P.A. from Harvard. When she was elected New York State Attorney General she was the first woman and the first person of color ever to hold the office.  

During her political career, she worked in the administrations of  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (currently under investigation by the FBI) and she worked for disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer when he was the NY Attorney General. She also worked as a public defender and was a member of the New York City Council.

So James has the background of one who has a grudge against police and who checks for racists under her bed at night. After all, she recently sued the New York City Police Department for excessive use of force and false arrests following the New York City riots last summer. These riots featured massive looting and destruction of properties as well as assaults on police. It also featured the chant by Black Lives Matter protesters, “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” a reference to killing police officers.

By the way, James received support for her lawsuit against the NYPD from people like Democratic NY Congressman Jerrold Nadler. He said, “When New Yorkers took peacefully to the streets in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, they were too often met by the police brutality and excessive force they were protesting….This pattern of abuse — so often employed by some officers in the NYPD and police forces across the nation against African Americans — is all the more shocking when contrasted with the lenient police response that greeted White, violent extremists at our nation’s Capitol last week.” (N.B. an unarmed White woman was shot and killed by police during the Capitol Hill riot. To my knowledge no Black or White “peaceful protesters” were shot and killed by police during the many riots last summer. But many innocent civilians were killed by “peaceful protesters.”

So the stage has been set as Leftwing prosecutors, elected to office by a combination of Rightwing apathy and Leftwing activism, continue their war on police and their adoration of the criminal. Letitia James joins such Leftist legal luminaries as Larry Krasner, Marilyn Mosby, Keith Ellison, George Gascon, and Rachel Rollins.

The aforementioned all seem to believe, as Mick Jagger once wrote, “Every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints.”






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