Private Health Insurance Plans Fund “Gender-Affirming” LGBT Institutions via Hidden Tax

A non-profit called the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) receives hundreds of millions of dollars each year through a hidden excise tax known as a PCORI fee.

PCORI was established under Obamacare with the mission to assist people in making informed healthcare decisions. The non-profit is funded by a congressionally authorized tax called a PCORI Fee. The fee hits hundreds of thousands of private health insurance plans each year, extracting millions to create a behemoth non-profit. The 2019 PCORI Annual Report showed revenues of $615,205,771.

PCORI allocates funding with a preference toward minority populations, including Transgender (LGBT) persons. A quick search reveals some of the grants extended to these groups:

  • TRANS-ARC, a non-profit staffed by every manner of he/him, they/them, and she/her was recently the recipient of $99,957 to form a summit to study “how to best measure the benefits of gender-affirming surgery.”
  • UC San Francisco was awarded $2,146,837 in 2015 to develop “PRIDEnet: A Participant-powered Research Network of Sexual and Gender Minorities.”
  • The Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health University of Arkansas was awarded $249,892 for an ongoing project that will build “the capacity of racially and ethnically diverse trans/non-binary patients and community members, affirming clinicians and researchers to address stigma, discrimination, and other access barriers to affirming transgender health care in the South.”
  • A project concluded in 2018 which cost $1,530,716 to “Comparing Ways to Ask Patients about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Emergency Room.”

PCORI is a non-profit extracting hundreds of millions of dollars from America’s workforce and businesses through health insurance plans. The aforementioned projects may have legitimate medical purposes, but without proper oversight, it appears to be a slush fund for special interest. For those paying the tax, there is no way to object to the funding of these projects religious or moral grounds.

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