Neo-Radical Chic

They are members of the Neo-Radical Chic. America’s well-to-do, high society  – who are found most often in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Hollywood, and DC. They are aware of, and donate to, social justice causes.

We knew their predecessors in the 1970s – when they funded and provided the leadership for the Weathermen, the Black Liberation Army, Black Panthers, and similar groups. The term Neo-Radical Chic was coined by novelist Tom Wolfe, who wrote about famous composer and conductor, Leonard Bernstein, hosting a party for the Black Panthers in his posh Manhattan digs. Such people are sympathetic to anti-American, bolshevik groups and causes. They somehow feel that their contributions to these Leftists will expunge the guilt they feel for their wealth and privilege.

The Leftist intelligentsia and the Leftist moneyed class are not only sympathetic to the American bolsheviks but they detest the American working class. For example, during the 2008 presidential election, a man by the name of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher had the temerity to ask Obama a question about taxes. Immediately, supercilious journalists, the elite, politicians, and the other upper class buonistas, who consider the working class a subspecies, gave him the sobriquet “Joe the Plumber.”

The buonistas have many names – dog whistles if you will- for the working class. They are called Joe Six-Pack, Trailer Park, Hard Hats, etc. The appellations all mean the same thing. They refer to members of an inferior or underprivileged, social group, who are poorly educated, and who are employed doing manual labor or in the trades. 

Back in the 1970’s, the Leftist intelligentsia, the Radical Chic made a movie about the working class. It was called Joe. They also made a TV show with a character named Archie Bunker. There was also a character called Popeye Doyle in the movie the French Connection. All three men were portrayed by the White Privileged Hollywood filmmakers as middle-aged, working class, filthy, ignorant bigots. These works of cinematic art appealed to the New York literati referred, DC politicians, and the academic sophisticates of America.

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The Neo-Radical Chic is much larger, much wealthier, much more powerful, and much more lethal group than their 1970s predecessors. The fact is the Paleo Democrats, like Biden and Pelosi, kowtow to them. The Neo-Radical Chic are the Nouveau Riche Silicon Valley Technocrats, the Wall Street Left, the Swamp Dwellers, the Hollywood artists, and the Corporate Republicans. All of whom consider themselves the arbiters of morality and intellect – not just in America, but the world.

Another difference is that the Proto-Radical Chic only aimed their disdain at Whites. Now their contempt is for Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White. The ideas are what they abhor – not the skin color. I guess this is the Leftwing version of progress.

The Neo-Radical Chic class have their own militia. Antifa and Black Lives Matter seem to be the major components but there are other groups. This militia is composed of overindulged, and overeducated, young men and women who have been given everything and taught everything except, as the late Justice Antonin Scalia might have said, judgment and character. Their method of expressing resentment at what they perceive to be injustice is to pillage, burn, murder, rape, loot, and otherwise destroy people who are unable to defend themselves. Even if the victims do defend themselves the Neo-Radical Chic will have triumphed. Because the civil war in the streets that will result will sow the chaos that the Neo-Radical Chic intend – whether they know it or not. 

The victims of the Neo-Radical Chic will eventually rise up against the despotism and terrorism of their oppressors. People will only wear a yoke for a limited time. The working class will not be silenced by the Neo-Radical Chic class.

But it will take more than civil war to defeat the Neo-Radical Chic. After all, the South lost the Civil War but they maintained control of the state governments for nearly a century afterward. No, the Neo-Radical Chic must be defeated in the culture. It must be countered in academia, the media, and the other cultural forming institutions of society. 

As the French poet and novelist,Victor Hugo once wrote, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” The working class must not allow their ideas to be expunged by the Left.

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