• Biden is already killing jobs.

    Almost any U.S. employment snapshot looks grand compared with last April when COVID shutdowns rocketed joblessness to 14.8 percent. By December, the seasonally adjusted rate fell to 6.7 percent. So, everything zen? As the song goes, I don’t think so. Current unemployment is nearly double what it was in December 2019 and remains higher than […]

  • The Chauvin-Floyd Affair

    “(Officer) Lane asked, “should we roll him on his side?” and the defendant (Officer Chauvin) said, “No, staying put where we got him.” … Officer Lane said, “I am worried about excited delirium or whatever.” Officer Derek Chauvin replied, “That’s why we have him on his stomach.”  These quotes – exculpatory evidence – are taken […]

  • Learn From Other States, Reject Casinos

    America’s largest casino company launched a TV and radio ad blitz last night aiming to stoke Texans’ FOMO—their fear of missing out. “Every year,” one ad explains, “Texans spend billions of tourism and gambling dollars at casinos in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico—billions that could be staying here.” Las Vegas Sands, the corporation funding […]

  • Biden’s Border Crisis Is Endangering Texans

    President Biden’s inaction regarding the surge of illegal immigrants at the southern U.S. Border has been nothing sort of disastrous. Foolishly deciding to shift from former President Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration has led to a crisis of epic proportions that directly endangered Texans as violent criminals are making their way into the U.S. […]

  • Constitutional Carry Passes Texas House!

    For years Texas lagged behind peers in support of the second amendment. Before today, 19 states had pro-gun laws on the books giving citizens the right to carry without a permit. Today, the Texas House of Representatives led by Matt Schaefer (Rep. – TX 6) and supported by a Republican majority passed constitutional carry. The […]

  • Trust the Science? Where are the COVID Surges in Texas?

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott drew the ire of left wingers everywhere when he issued an Executive Order on March 2 that Texas would lift all mask mandates and open their state 100 percent. And according to them, this was a big mistake and would lead to a resurgence of cases, death, doom and gloom. Funny […]

  • Private Health Insurance Plans Fund “Gender-Affirming” LGBT Institutions via Hidden Tax

    A non-profit called the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) receives hundreds of millions of dollars each year through a hidden excise tax known as a PCORI fee. PCORI was established under Obamacare with the mission to assist people in making informed healthcare decisions. The non-profit is funded by a congressionally authorized tax called a […]

  • Railroading of Derek Chauvin Day 3

    Genevieve Hansen, a prosecution witness, who was an off-duty firefighter at the scene, seems contemptuous of the judge and Chauvin’s attorney. It was so bad that the judge had to warn her not to argue with the court or with the defense attorney. Genevieve Hansen, 27, a Minneapolis firefighter of two years, who was off-duty […]

  • Dems’ Pro-Union Bill Is Anti-Worker

    Like any good Marxist, Alex Press reveres working people. That’s why the Jacobin staff writer demands unionization for those who want it. And for those who don’t. And, surely, it’s why she judges workers who reject collective bargaining as ignoramuses who suffer from “widespread confusion.” Variations of that phrase appear throughout her March 26 New […]

  • The Railroading of Derek Chauvin Day 2

    Defense attorney Eric Nelson in the Derek Chauvin trial. Chauvin’s attorney gets prosecution witnesses to admit it is not always possible to know if someone is unconscious during a “blood choke” and will fight again once revived. Also, another prosecution witness admits officers checked Floyd’s pulse several times. You will not read or hear this […]

  • The Railroading of Derek Chauvin, Day 1

    The persecution of Derek Chauvin continued on the first day of the trial of Derek Chauvin. The term trial is used loosely here. Railroading, Kangaroo Court, Stalinist Show Trial, or Lynching of Derek Chauvin are all actually more appropriate labels.  The media, liberal and conservative, already pronounced Officer Derek Chauvin guilty. Frankly, the media pronounced […]

  • The New York Times Can’t Get Basic Facts Right on Election Reform

    Reprinted with permission from the Heritage Foundation. Not surprisingly, the New York Times is pushing liberal talking points when it falsely asserts in an article from Tuesday that reforms by state legislatures to remedy the vulnerabilities in their election laws are “voting restrictions.” Trying to guarantee the fairness and integrity of the election process, when polling shows a large number […]

  • Caitlin Flanagan Is Indefensible

    Give Caitlin Flanagan this much: her April Atlantic cover story bashing nonpublic schools is a marketing triumph. Controversy sells magazines, and what’s more contrary than slamming private education at a moment when unionized public schoolteachers do so much to vindicate it? COVID closures, postmodernism, and 1619-style pseudo-history increasingly drive parents to seek refuge for their […]

  • Houston You Have A Problem

    Houston has a race and criminal justice problem. There is an enormous racial disparity of Black criminals and Black crime victims versus White criminals and White crime victims.  While the Black population of Houston, according to 2019 estimates, is about 22 percent, Black crime victims are about 44 percent of all crime victims, according to […]

  • Hospital Ownership Arrangements Criticized by Docs’ Advocates

    Physician owners of the emergency practice at Dell Seton Medical Center in Austin reached a deal last month to buy out private-equity partner Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS). The relationship between New York-based WCAS and the level-1 trauma center, among other similar arrangements between private investors and healthcare practices, has caused some alarm among […]

  • This Incident Will Not Be Televised

    Mugshot of Kenya Jenkins Jr., 21 – courtesy Omaha Police Department It was only shoplifting. It was not dangerous. Shoplifting is not a capital offense. You should not die over a shoplifting crime. This is a common refrain by the Socialist/Leftist/Communist/Democratic Party soi disant “civil rights” groups say whenever a Black person is shot by […]

  • So George Floyd was NOT Intentionally Murdered by a Racist White Cop?

    So far, the most interesting aspect of the trial of police officer Derek Chauvin are the crimes for which he has not been charged. Chauvin has been vilified for his role in the arrest-related-death of a man resisting arrest. Despite almost a year of riots, ranting and raving by cable news, and even condemnations by […]

  • Voting-Age Provision Would Make H.R. 1 Even Worse

    Imagine yourself a Democrat seeking elective office in a competitive district, the kind of place with a reassuring plenitude of Unitarian churches and vegan bistros, but just a few too many tax-weary entrepreneurs and stodgy evangelicals lurking about to let you breathe easy. You calm yourself by sitting back and rereading an old favorite poem, […]

  • Texas Bill Makes Election Fraud a Felony

    A bill under consideration by the Texas legislature, HB 574, makes election fraud in the state a second degree felony, rather than a class A misdemeanor. A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT relating to the prevention of fraud in the conduct of an election. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF […]

  • Enviros, Get Out of the Dark

    “Green power” evangelists have roughed out a syllogism explaining what caused Texas’s power outages last month and what can prevent them henceforth: 1) A free market in electricity caused the blackouts, 2) fossil fuels accord with the free market, and therefore 3) the state’s regulatory response should boost renewable energy. Even if both premises were […]

  • An Unlovely Garland

    When Senate Republicans rebuffed Merrick Garland’s 2016 Supreme Court nomination, the usual soreheads wailed. So did some unusual ones: The Washington Post’s George F. Will deemed the refusal to accord Garland a hearing “a partisan reflex in search of a justifying principle.” Leon H. Wolf of RedStatecalled Barack Obama’s pick to replace the late Justice […]

  • Capital Punishment Foes Have Blood on Their Hands

    Virginia will ban capital punishment. An act praised by USA Today and other Leftwing media – because “journalists” believe anti-capital punishment propaganda that claims the death penalty is cruel and, of course, racist. So too does Biden’s choice for Attorney General, who were it not for Sen. McConnell, would be on the Supreme Court today […]

  • PAP (Prosecutors Against Police)

    The past several years have seen a trend of Leftwing lawyer-politicians elected to the offices of state Attorney General and District Attorney. These candidates bring to office an intrinsic hostility towards police and a similarly intrinsic sympathy towards criminals. The most recent manifestation of this inherent hostility towards police is New York State Attorney General […]

  • A Bad Fiscal Situation Is About to Get Worse

    By the end of 2021, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office anticipates, the national debt will reach 102 percent of GDP. By 2031, it will swell to 107 percent. And now, the bad news. These catastrophic projections don’t include the $1.9 trillion “stimulus” President Biden plans to enact. He almost deserves credit for candor, as he […]

  • Gun Free Zones and S.B. 514

    In the early 1990s Congress passed the Gun Free School Zones Act, designating all K-12 schools in America as “gun-free” zones. Since then, we’ve seen major mass school shootings at Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland, and Santa Fe.   The lesson is clear: disarming law-abiding parents, teachers, and staff in K-12 schools doesn’t make our children safer, […]

  • Free Speech for Bigwigs Only?

    An ugly, spine-chilling menace beleaguers American government, we’re told. The nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) says this horror ran “rampant” during Donald Trump’s tenure “despite his pledge to ‘drain the swamp.’” Even the seraphic Joe Biden can’t slay this devil without robust legislation, which congressional Democrats have blessedly drafted. This putative nightmare is called […]

  • Pro Teams Profited Wrapping Themselves in Flag They Now Burn

    Personally, I like the idea that a professional sports franchise owner, like Mark Cuban, will stop exploiting the Star Spangled Banner to sell his product. For decades, professional sports teams have used patriotism for profit. The owners and players wrapped themselves in the flag they now burn.  Let us be honest, corporations – especially multinational […]

  • If I Were a Congressman, and Marjorie Taylor Greene Was Being Banned

    If I represented my federal district ( PA- 4) in congress during the vote to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene, this is the speech I would have made from the House floor. Madame (Mister) Speaker, I too, like the Democrats in this House claim to be, against racism, anti-Semitism, mob violence, and conspiracy theories. I have […]

  • Leasing Ban Is a Job-Killing Spree

    Fun fact: Energy Secretary nominee Jennifer Granholm has a bachelor’s degree in French. But as a Senate panel discovered last week, the Vancouver-born, California-raised Granholm has no such ease with her native tongue, at least not while answering a question that sets her on edge. At Granholm’s confirmation hearing, Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) asked her […]

  • We Will Not Be Fooled Again (by the GOP)

    “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss” -The Who 1970s An email from an organization called “Stand Up for America” breathlessly announces that the Republican Study Committee (RSC), led by Rep. Jim Banks, (R-IN), previewed its ‘Post-Trump agenda.’ The problem is that the RSC’s “conservative post-Trump agenda” sounds very much like the Republican […]

  • Neo-Radical Chic

    They are members of the Neo-Radical Chic. America’s well-to-do, high society  – who are found most often in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Hollywood, and DC. They are aware of, and donate to, social justice causes. We knew their predecessors in the 1970s – when they funded and provided the leadership for the Weathermen, […]

  • You Cannot Fool All of the People All of the Time

    A British newspaper somehow came into possession of bodycam footage of the beginning of the police encounter between Minneapolis police officers and George Floyd. It reveals a man behaving irrationally from the moment the police arrive. He is uncooperative with the police. His erratic behavior caused the officers to wonder if he was under the […]

  • Far-left Politician Abbie Kamin Launches Attack Against GOP Donors. We Strike Back

    Houston City Councilwoman Abbie Kamin (D) echoes any other left-wing scamp in rebuking the Texas GOP, but she showed unusual brass last week prodding her Twitter followers to phone and badger the party’s supporters. “TX GOP/SREC pulled down the sponsor list for their State Convention that they insist be IN-PERSON in #Houston during a dangerous […]

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